Can’t believe I’m actually doing this! Ahhhh

Here it goes, MY FIRST POST!

For a while now I’ve wanted to be able to send messages to people either on its own or attached to an art as a way to encourage and inspire others whilst sharing the love of God.

This piece of art here was when my idea was first conceived (in 2012) but then at this stage I was doing things manually, attaching the messages as part of the art.

Now fast forward to 2016, I’ve realised that I could encourage a lot of people with the same paintings and same messages, and save a lot of time as well.

This painting is an illustration that happiness comes from God.

The butterfly here represents happiness. Butterflies are things we tend to chase after to catch, but they seem to elude us the more we chase. We only seem to get hold of it where it sits.

In the bible God describes himself as a rose, so this painting depicts God as the rose while the butterfly as happiness.

The more we chase after happiness the more it evades us but when we decide to go to God we realise that we get what we’ve been chasing after.

Song of Solomon 2:1

‘I am the rose of Sharon, a lilly of the valley’PIC