Seeing as it was my birthday yesterday I thought I’d share something personal.

Around this time last year I was a little bit frustrated towards God. I wasn’t happy with Him and how things had turned out.

The start of 2015 leading up to the end of summer was when I thought was the best and happiest year of my life.

I had graduated from university with a 1st class Honours, got myself a job as a medical scientist. My friends and I were the closest we’ve ever been and to top things up I met someone really special. LIFE was SO GOOD.

But then the things I thought brought me happiness slowly started to disappear.

My friends relocated back to their own homes and jobs. The company and research I was supposed to get started with lost their funding which meant no job for me, and the special person I felt I could depend on turned out unreliable.

Through all this I felt abandoned, lost and confused, and found it difficult to acknowledge the presence of God’s love in my life.

After so many prayers God opened other doors. Presently, I am now in medical school and have completed my first year of uni.

God has managed to provide everything I had ever needed and I now know that He had my back all along. He put me through all that to show me where my happiness and source came from. He made my heart stronger and my faith bigger.

So on this day I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to God! There’s no place I’d rather be than where HE wants me to be.

This painting here is to show that God is still working on me and using me as a tool for his glory.  It is a reminder that God is always fixing our hearts, and no matter what we go through, it all works out for our own good.

I’m 23!


thrid painting